We are now inviting applications for the PG level Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with the University of Hyderabad for the August 2021 .

University of Hyderabad

NIRF 2020 University Rank :6, NAAC score: A**** (highest)

Online Diploma in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

Get trained by Industry & Academic experts for a rewarding career in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

12-Months (2-Semesters)

300+ Hours of
Video content

100 +hours of
Interactive sessions

15+ industry projects

₹ 39,000 per semester

Batch 2 Applications started, last date to apply 15th August 2021

 Admissions open for Online Diploma in AI & ML Aug 2021

“ The Art Of Writing Is The Art Of Discovering What You Believe “

- by Gustave Flaubert

Appliedroots Announces Appliedroots Blogathon 2021
A Blogging Competition Where The Best Technical Blogs
Can Win Up To ₹ 2,50,000 Worth Prize Money!

Starting writing today and submit your blogs before Jun 30th, 2021.

We, at AppliedRoots have encouraged students to write and publish blogs from the very start. As potential job seekers, what you have learnt from the needs to be documented and showcased so that employers can understand the Read More

What do we expect?


A blog should be very clear in it’s objectives and should be able to express the same without complicating it, remember your blog should be accessible to people who don’t have a background in data science and machine learning but also to those who have wealth of knowledge in this field!


The student should be able to explain the topic they chose in a detailed manner using code, illustrations and examples. You can use any tool or even a simple pen to draw graphs and diagrams

No Plagiarism

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, each blog will be checked by the state of the art anti plagiarism softwares, if any plagiarism is detected we will disqualify the participant and disbar him from future competitions conducted by AppliedRoots!

What to write?

You can pick any topic of your liking from the field of Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. It can be a theoretical topic or practical problem. It can be a case study you have been working on during the course or it’s a topic you are really interested to talk about. There are no limitations. The Sky is your Limit!

The minimum number of words of the blog should be 1000. A blog with less than thousand words will not be considered for the competition.

You can write your blogs on medium, wordpress or publish in the github platform. It’s important to note that your blog should be accessible easily via URL and if possible accessible to the wider world.

Industry Recognized
Certificate From

Prize money

Finally to The most important part of this announcement. The total worth of the prize money is 2.5 lakhs, biggest in history of AppliedRoots! Each and everyone has a chance to win some money. We will evaluate the blogs based on it’s clarity and comprehensiveness and the best blogs will be awarded in the following fashion.

The results will be announced on July 15th, 2021.

The top 30 blogs will have a chance to earn a minimum of 4000 rupees and the top 50 blogs will have a chance of winning at least 2500. Apart from that the top 5 prize money are as follows:

So what are you waiting for? Pick a topic, create a blog on your preferred medium and start typing!

Note: The judgement of the panel will be final.

Note: Some of the blogs will be picked by our team to be hosted on our website. These will be picked based on various criteria: some for the content and clarity and others for the innovative ideas presented. This will ensure a wider reach for your blogs and work. We would also recommend edits to your blogs which you can try and incorporate to make them better.

Our Programs to drive your growth

Duration: 1 Year

Diploma in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

2 semesters
43 credits

Certificate from Premier institute
Query resolution
Exhaustive Video Content
Portfolio building

Duration: 1 Year

Applied AI Course

10 Modules
250+ hrs

Exhaustive Video Content
Query resolution in 24 Hrs
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GATE Applied Course

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Query resolution in 3 to 4 hours
5000+ Test series questions
Applied Nature of content
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Applied Interview Preparation

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100% Placement
query resolution in 3 to 4 Hours
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Daily Practice Coding Questions

Duration: 6 Months

GOVT Exam Preparation

15 Modules
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Smart learning with best Shortcuts
10000+ Test series questions
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Duration: 1 Year

Applied Full Stack

30 Modules
Coming Soon

100% Placement
query resolution in 3 to 4 Hours
300+ Interview questions with video explanations
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