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Key Features of Interview Preparation Course

Industry leading curriculum designed by expert developers turned educators who have invested time to create quality content infused with unique teaching methodology. The course has 150+hours of industry focussed and extremely simplified content with no prerequisites covering C, Data Structures,Algorithms, SQL, Aptitude and Problem solving. The validity of the course is 365 days.

We teach each concept from the ground up assuming you have no background in them. We focus a lot on real-world applied aspects of all the topics we cover in addition to the theory.

All the queries will be answered within 24 hours by a team of mentors via email, audio and video responses, and telephonic calls as necessary. Furthermore, mentors will also give personalized actionable feedback after reviewing your assessments and answer any related follow-up questions.

Students will be connected with our industry experts, on-demand to prepare and practice interviewing in an environment that simulates a real-life job interview.The mock interview is followed by our industry expert giving his/her feedback on the student's performance. Later, the student is sent an Interview Scorecard with the metrics of his performance and tips on how to work upon his/her weaker areas.

Periodic assessment tests to test the level of preparedness of student (own/comparative) and compelling him/her to study, practice and perform according to the requirements of a software engineer. These assessment tests are designed with the purpose to measure and track student progress.

Placement assistance will be provided based on the performance in the assessment tests.

Success Stories

Our students come from wide spectrum of backgrounds ranging from undergrads at small engineering
colleges to experienced engineers at Amazon/Samsung/Expedia.

Our Team

Srikanth Varma
MTech IIsc Bangalore
Murali Krishna
MTech NIT Rourkela
Naveen Bade
MTech IIIT Hyderabad
Brahma Reddy
MTech IIT Kharagpur
Srinivasa Reddy
MTech IIT Kharagpur
Satish Atcha
MTech IIIT Allahabad


01. What is the Interview Preparation Course all about?
01. What is the Interview Preparation
Course all about?
In this course, we started from the basics of C programming, Data Structures, Algorithms and made the concepts very simple so that anyone with minimum or no prior knowledge also can understand, learn and master easily. This course covers algorithmic techniques for solving problems arising in the field of computer science. It is a mix of theory and practice. You will not only design algorithms and estimate their complexity, but also you will get a deeper understanding of algorithms by implementing them in the C Programming Language.
We are building our course content and teaching methodology to cater to the needs of students at various levels of expertise and varying background skills. This course can be taken by anyone with a working knowledge of a modern programming languages like C/C++/Java/Python. We expect the average student to spend at least 5 hours a week over a 6 month period amounting to a 150+ hours of effort. More effort, the better the results. Here is a list of customers who would benefit from our course:
  • - B.Tech/B.E in any discipline
  • - M.Tech/M.E/MS in any discipline
  • - Candidates who wish to switch from service based companies to product based
  • - Students who has"C -Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms" in their curriculum
  • - BCA & MCA
Our course is extremely applied in nature with emphasis laid on learning by doing. We teach everything from scratch assuming that student has no prior experience/knowledge in programming. By using real-world examples on solving various problems, we make student learning experience both enjoyable and effective.
Course completion certificate will be given after successful completion Of the course.
In case if you are stuck anywhere/have any doubts while watching the video lectures or while implementing the algorithms, you can drop us an email at or can comment under the specific video, we will surely help you out with that through email or an audio call. Also, You can interact with us & other students through our discussion forum as well.
Based on your assessment test.
We are building this course like a “workbook” and not like a “textbook”. It is hard and uncomfortable to share a workbook which has lots of content that the participant generates overlayed with the course content. If multiple people use the same account credentials to go through this course, it would result in very sub-optimal results for all. Additionally, all of the content in this course is copyrighted and piracy of this content is punishable by law.

Our Advisors

Dr. Khaleel Ur Rahman

Chaitanya Nittala

Sathish Reddy
Senior Research Engineer,
Sai Krishna Balivada
Senior Category Manager,
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